No. 1
Have Fun

That’s what this style is all about! Mix and match but always ensure you are sticking to the fundamentals of good design otherwise this style can get away from you quickly. Assert self control, be methodical, and step back occasionally to re-asses your work. And remember to be fearless – if you want a moose head above your bathtub, do it!

No. 2

Make sure your space reflects who you are – unique! You are anything but cookie cutter, so find  inspiration but always make it your own. East meets West; Luxury meets Rustic; Masculine meets Feminine; Traditional meets Modern. Commit to an original style that feels like you. Not sure where to begin? Look at your playlist. If you have moments that take you from HipHop, to Classic Jazz, to 80’s Hairband – then make sure your space allows for any of those moods. Contrast is key to making this style work.

No. 3
common threads

Always have a common thread to tie the look together. Be it sheen, color, silhouette, pattern, or proportion. This is how you find unity in your space of interest. Again, keep in mind moderation and contrast. If you are starting to have an overwhelming theme of rectangles, soften the space up with a few rounded edges.

No. 4

Just like fall fashion, layers are what makes a style interesting. This goes for homes as well.  Layering opposites adds to the contrast in the space – wood and metal, fur and satin, leather and lace. This allows your personality to shine through (see Rule 2) effectively.  Again, step back and ensure that your space looks and feels like the authentic you, without forcing it on the eye.

No. 5
start simple

Clean the slate of any clutter, keep your canvas as neutral as possible. Rooms evolve as your style palette is discovered. Therefore, your walls and floors should not compete or distract from the look you are hoping to achieve.  Take everything off the walls, remove your accessories and consider their place in the newly barren room. Are they meaningful? Could this be your inspiration to the room? Do these pieces belong in this space or are they better suited somewhere else?  Let your creative juices flow mixing and matching your items in new ways. Take a deep breathe – this is going to be GREAT.

Lisette Sluser Interior Designer Stager St Albert

Lisette Sluser

She’s our in-house interior designer, stager, full-time comedian, and part-time caffeine drinker.

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