DIY’s to Get Down with Your Crafty Self

Whether you’re looking for new crafting ideas to get you through the winter months, or simply trying to cut back on expenses in this economy, we have done our research to find you the best home décor DIY’s for every type of space. Look for some of these great ideas in our upcoming showhomes!

Accessorize the Man Cave

No. 1
Jack Daniels Soap pump

You could always use another favourite bottle if you’d prefer. The fun to this project is the process of emptying the bottle…

All you need to complete this is an empty bottle and a soap pump that has a universal size pump thread with a tight spring. You may want to bring your empty bottle discretely to the store and fit it to the correct sized pump. This great idea from Curlybirds can be found on her website here.

What a great idea for a Man Cave bathroom or bar!

No. 2

Pipe shelving is a wallet friendly option that you can either create yourself, or purchase off of websites like Etsy, here.

Luckily, HomeDepot has a how to’ blog post on how to create these customizable shelves so you can create various sizes and orientations to hold your shelf worthy items. Note: most Home Depot’s will also cut and thread piping in house.  Before your trip to the store, make sure you are aware of the size of shelving unit you want to create so an associate can provide you with the right amount of materials.

* Make sure you purchase dry wall anchors as well to ensure a sturdy shelf.

No. 3
PALETte bar

This palette bar from is a simple and cost effective way to incorporate a bar into your ManCave or on your patio.

Depending on how rustic you want this piece, you can paint the palettes, stain them, or leave them raw (just be sure to sand these down as they can be quite rough).  As per the website, they advise removing the bottom 3 boards, nailing the palettes together and adding some glue for extra hold. Depending on where this bar will be, you can always anchor it to a wall or down to a deck for safety. The pavers can also be mortared on if you want more stability.

Spray Painting Your Home Pretty

No. 1
letter Art

I LOVE this idea with the new white trend, but any color would be fabulous!

For this project, a quick trip to Michaels will provide everything you need to finish this in an afternoon. Purchase some wooden letters, a canvas, and (white) spray paint (all sized to your liking). Layout how you want the piece to look – heart shaped, linear, etc. You may want to place some light guide lines on your canvas to avoid any crooked lines. Glue the wooden letters to the canvas and let dry. Spray paint the canvas in a gentle sweeping motion to avoid pooling of paint.

This idea was found here.

No. 2
copper tin cans

After making a pasta sauce, I’m sure you’ll have a few extra large tin cans hanging around in the recycling bin. Why not reuse them, and get your Spring gardening started early this year? Rinse and remove the excess label glue from the cans, and let dry completely. Again, Michaels has the rest of the supplies you’ll need: copper paint, mini chalkboards, and twine string. Paint the cans upside down and evenly coat them with paint. After a few coats and sufficient drying time, your cans are ready for the twine and chalkboards! Puncture the base of the can with a nail if you want drainage in your cans, or place a base of rocks before adding dirt and plants.

This fun idea is thanks to this site, here.

No. 3
spray painting fabric

Who knew this even existed!? Simply Spray Upholstery Fabric Paint is a spray paint made specifically for fabric. Now you can update your grungy patio furniture or make custom pillows with a stencil for less than new cushions.

As per the Happier Homemaker, who provided this idea, it takes up to 4 cans for pure coverage on large surfaces. Like spray painting furniture, make sure your sprays are continuous and even to avoid streaks or pooling. Can’t wait to try this!

Bring Your Accessories To Life

No. 1
marble-ize your serving tray

This is a beautiful way to take a plain or beat up tray and give it a whole new look.

The idea and photo are from, using simple shelf liner. You could always use a laminate instead depending on your budget. Look for a marble effect liner or adhesive film from Walmart, HomeDepot, or Amazon with a contact backing for this project. Measure twice, cut once. Remove backing and slowly seal the liner to the tray. You now have a brand new looking tray!

Now to get someone to bring you breakfast in bed with it….

No. 2
create an acrylic side table

Create this modern table with a few simple tools. The website Brit + Co that created this DIY also provides a website to purchase the acrylic piece from if you don’t want to search on your own!

Take an old TV tray or purchase a new one, and ensure your acrylic top will cover the base of the table.  Take the TV tray apart to spray paint it the color of your choice (perhaps a hot new metallic for 2016?).  Measure and drill holes into the acrylic to fit your table. Screw the two together and cover nail heads with stud beads.

BOOM – you just made a show stopping side table.

No. 3
further benefits of wine…art!

If you’ve been collecting corks for quite some time, but haven’t yet found a use for them, look no further.

Create this stunning cork art with an ombre effect. Separate your corks by color, push them together, and assess the size of the heart (or other shape) you are going to create. If it is too small, you can always purchase new corks at craft stores, or see if any liquor stores have corks to give away. Use a wooden shape from Michaels or online to use as the backing, or apply to a canvas. Next, place the corks on the board to ensure full coverage. Once ready, hot glue or cement-glue your corks down.

We spelled out the word WINE for our newest spec home in Lapierre!

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