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At Sarasota, we offer free staging to all of our St. Albert listings. We think it makes a HUGE difference in how fast a house will sell! It helps that our staging team rocks and can make a bag of potatoes look like it’s worth a million bucks. Here are some examples of the amazing work our staging team does.

Why Should My Home Be Staged?

Your Home is Your Home

When someone buys a home, it is often based on the feeling they get while in the home, and you want to create an emotional appeal for the buyer. When someone walks into your home, they don’t feel the emotional attachment to all of your things like you do. That painting you got while on vacation, family photos, or the desk that a family member built. Of course these things are special to you and make you more inclined to want to be at home! But to a potential buyer, these things don’t mean anything. They don’t see the story behind that slightly awkward picture that your mother forced you to put up. The goal of staging is to make the focus on the house itself and show a buyer what they could do with it. It is to reach a variety of people rather than only yourself! You do want to sell, right?

An Eye For Detail

The Sarasota staging team has an incredible eye for detail. They can see when something needs to be adjusted just the slightest bit to make a huge difference. Some things become so normal to a home owner because they see it every day, like a small chip in paint or a tear on a carpet. These small things become big things when a buyer comes into your home-you want them to be focused on your amazing house, not distracted by things they would need to fix. That’s where we come in-we notice these things and fix them so you don’t have to! Also, the clutter that we all have in our homes can actually make it seem like you don’t have enough space, which isn’t appealing to a buyer. It may not bother you, but it puts that thought into a buyers head.

Vacant Homes

If your home is vacant, staging becomes even more important. Have you ever walked into a half finished house with no furniture and weren’t able to envision it once complete? Some people just don’t have the eye for visualizing these things. You want a potential buyer to come into your house and think “Wow-I can really see myself living here!” Staging a vacant house makes it feel more like a home and that’s what really catches people’s attention.


Check out some Testimonials from our sellers that thought it made a huge difference.

From start to finish Keir and the Sarasota team were well above the rest. Their staging team and trades people came in and made my home feel like a showhome. From the day I listed the home to the day it sold, I knew Sarasota Realty was the right decision.

Dan Braund

After working with Sarasota previously in 2011, choosing to work with them again when it came time to sell another house seemed like an obvious choice. With a busy household it was so helpful to have small touch-ups handled by their handyman service, and knowing that Kristin and her team would have our house staged and looking great gave us peace of mind.

The Lywood Family

Thank you so much for your dedication and expertise in selling my condo. I am truly in shock and amazed at how painless, quick and lucrative you made this process for me. You are truly a cut above the rest. After you staged my home I almost didn't want to sell, it looked so good. I had tried for 5 years to find the right arrangement for the furniture and did not come close to the configuration that you had in just a few minutes. You have a keen eye to the artistic talent required for home decor.

Mickey Turner

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