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We are always on the hunt for the newest trends – in fashion, home décor, styles, etc. But trends come and go, and before you know it you’re caught wearing puffed sleeves, sitting on a turquoise recliner sofa, sporting a hairstyle that closely resembles Don Trump. Great.

It’s time to recognize the difference between timeless and trendy.

No. 1
Is the piece well made & serve a practical purpose?

The beauty of antiques is in the quality of craftsmanship. This is why you aren’t impressed by a 1995 Ikea bookshelf, but an original Eames chair will forever be a WOW factor in your space.  A well made piece of furniture will “wear in” well and can be refinished to bring out its original beauty. The piece will always have a purpose in a space, and thus will never be donated or thrown out.

Reclaimed wood pieces are timeless pieces – well made and will stand the test of time. They can be dressed up in a formal space or dressed down for casual use. They can handle wear and tear with grace, and be refinished down the road.

No. 2
does the trend transcend into different decor styles?

You know you’ve found a timeless piece when you can place the item into several different styles (traditional, modern, rustic, formal, casual) and the piece doesn’t look out of place. You will often see these pieces in neutral finishes  (wood, stone, leather, ceramic, mirror, metals, etc.)  or textures (typically, textures will outlast pattern).  Mixing and matching styles is common place in today’s design so this décor rule shouldn’t be difficult to follow.

Simple, classic  pieces will always transcend through different décor styles, color trends, you name it.

No. 3
Does the piece reflect who you are?

This may be the most defining category of them all. While cookie cutter design is appealing to some, it isn’t desirable for everyone. Simply put, not everything needs to be “Grey and White” for your space to be impressive. You need to love the space you’re in so let your home reflect the special people that live there!

I am naturally color averse in my personal space. Any color I bring in to my home, I carry for a season or two and then replace it with either a new neutral or temporary color (Odd, because I love using color in client spaces). That being said, for me – my neutral pieces remain my timeless pieces; my colored pieces become my trendy items. For someone else, a vibrant space may truly reflect their personality perfectly. Those pieces will remain timeless in that space because they are relevant to the homeowner… and that’s what matters here.

Judge the piece on it’s longevity in your space – will you still value it in 10 years? If yes, do you girl!  If not – pass on the trendy purchase or incorporate that style in a less expensive way (perhaps a small area rug, toss cushion, etc).

No. 4
What is the base you are working with?

When looking at a home – you are always told to “look at the bones” to judge the potential of it. This also rings true with décor. Timeless spaces are typically neutral spaces and neutral furniture is typically timeless furniture. With this, you have the power to create the interior style you so choose within those 4 walls by mixing and matching furniture and décor pieces.

My advice – keep the large scale items neutral; incorporate trendy items at a smaller scale. This helps your budget long-term as you’re only changing the accents.

The more neutral basics you work with, the easier it is to layer trending pieces on top as the trend cycle demands

Lisette Sluser Interior Designer Stager St Albert

Lisette Sluser

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